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This is our somewhat ambitious free Cannabis research site for consumers, clinicians, and companies, featuring 4 CannaSearch™ Channels for 64 medical conditions, in 60 languages.

Free exclusive Files to download, including what might be the only known proof of use of hemp flowers and stalk (which contains CBD) as a food pre-DSHEA, thereby grandfathering CBD and flowers/stalk as a food or dietary supplement. The CBD Koan: One Perspective on the Legality of Hemp and Hemp Cannabinoids. A dozen Videos. Images. Donation-capable. Our What is CBD? gives a unique perspective and much context.

Since we do not offer or sell products, our posts and research tools like CannaSearch™ are First Amendment-protected free speech, no FDA jurisdiction. 

And all of it in 60 languages!

We skew towards CBD as it is the predominant hemp Cannabinoid, but the Research By Condition section includes Cannabis for most. CannaSearch™ is for consumers looking into Cannabinoids for some condition, but everyone can derive enormous benefit. Companies can use it for intelligence. Plus more planned... much more.

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