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Powered by CannaSearch™

CannaSearch is a powerful search tool for researching use of Cannabinoids and finding Cannabinoid products. It powers our Research CBD page, our Where to Buy CBD? page, our CannaSearch News Scroll, and our Breaking CBD News page with over 220 sources, guaranteeing you the most recent information, right up to the minute. And in any of 60 languages!

CannaSearch is yet another exclusive free service of the Medicinal Hemp Association.

Researching Cannabis? Use CannaSearch.CannaSearch Cannabinoids

Use CannaSearch to research Cannabinoids for 64 medical conditions, in 4 CannaSearch Channels: PubMed® (25 million published studies), Google Scholar® (academic papers and articles), Google® (popular media and posts), and Facebook® (find support groups), by clicking here for our Research CBD page, in any of 60 languages. Our Research CBD section assists companies by educating their consumers without triggering FDA action against them for educating their consumers (“making unapproved health claims”).

CBD News Scroll

License CannaSearch to scroll new studies and news on CBD on your page or sidebar in any of 60 languages, like this:



Breaking CBD News

Breaking CBD News Feed

See CannaSearch find all new CBD studies, publications, articles, patents, and more from 220 sources by clicking here for our Breaking News page, in any of 60 languages.


Where to buy CBD?

New CBD Products Feed

See CannaSearch find new CBD products by clicking here for our Where to Buy CBD? page, in any of 60 languages.



Do you want CannaSearch for your site, or to deliver weekly email updates to you and your colleagues every Monday morning, with all the previous week’s posts (~250, or 1,000/month)? Then click here. This service pulls from 220 sources in a wide cross-section of commercial, academic, legal, popular, and scientific publishers. It’s delivered every Monday morning to your email inbox, and up to 9 colleagues whom you register. Search it by keyword to look for trends, competitive intelligence, reputation management, emerging technologies, IP discovery and protection, and the like. Since it’s automated it can have posts literally only seconds old. It too can be in any of 60 languages, if necessary. Cost is $200/month, with a 5 month minimum, payable in advance ($1,000). May be tax deductible as a normal business expense, consult your tax dude/lady.


All good ideas get “borrowed,” and this one will be no exception. Just remember, you saw it here first: CannaSearch, exclusively from the Medicinal Hemp Association.

“CannaSearch” is a servicemark of Richard Rose, and it and its algorithms are copyright 2015-2016 Richard Rose. All rights reserved.