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Free knowledge isn’t free. All the work done by the Medicinal Hemp Association to educate on and protect CBD Hemp is done with no corporate, investor, or grant support. Although we have had many companies offer us $5,000 per year, we fear compromising our independence and objectivity, and thus eventually our mission.

Most associations are little more than thinly-disguised PR and cheerleading agencies for companies, which is fine but the lack of independence means one can never really trust them to be straight with us.

The Medicinal Hemp Association is the only trade association not relying primarily on companies, but on consumers and small business to fund us. Therefore, you will know our information is not tainted by the corrosive influence of money. That way if we have to take a stand against a company and tell you the truth about them, we can and will. I decided on this plan after running four hemp associations the last 21 years.

There may be a few ads on a few pages, but that is very different than the Membership Dues usually charged. Our ability to help patients and caregivers is constrained solely by budget.

If you believe this new way of running an association independent of the undue influence of companies is better, please show it here:

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Donations are not tax-deductible, except as allowed as a normal business expense.