Our Mission

The Mission of the Medicinal Hemp Association is to educate on Hemp Cannabinoids, their use, and how they can be helpful for various conditions. CannaSearch, Breaking CBD News, and Where to Buy CBD? are our latest exclusive free tools to help you learn about and find Cannabinoid products such as CBD. Since our Executive Director’s 36-year expertise is in evaluating new ingredients, documenting quality, and marketing, we assist companies in producing and selling the best Hemp Cannabinoid products they can. Our Research CBD section assists companies by educating their consumers without triggering FDA action against them for educating their consumers (“making unapproved health claims”).

We intend to fund operations through other than the standard business model: people, small companies, advocates, activists, patients, caregivers, and the like. You see, most hemp trade associations are funded almost entirely by member businesses to appear to be impartial while publicizing only certain companies. We want to be free of the corrupting influence of a 100% business-supported model. Although Hemp Cannabinoids are 100% legal due to a 2004 Ninth Circuit Court decision, we sell no products of any kind whatsoever, only information protected by the 1st Amendment. We hope to have advertising on the site.

We are “Cannabinoid Neutral,” and appreciate fully the medicinal qualities of Tetrahydrocannbinol (THC) found in Marijuana (which is also Cannabis, as is Hemp), but believe that while everyone is focused on Marijuana and THC, far fewer are educating about Cannabidiol (CBD). As a 22-year Hemp Industry and 36-year natural food industry veteran, Executive Director Richard Rose brings a unique perspective and skill set to Medicinal Hemp.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.