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Richard Rose

Hemp 2.0, the new revolution in hemp
Hemp food development and marketing
Emerging products and technologies
Nobacco™ development (CBD hemp for smoking)
CBD hemp product development and marketing
Strategic planning and corporate development
Education, writing and public speaking
Policy and advocacy

Executive Director of the Medicinal Hemp Association and the Hemp Food Association, Director of the American Hemp Association, and formerly Treasurer, Director, Shareholder, Chair of the Food and Oil Committee, and Manager of the True Hemp Certification Program for the Hemp Industries Association.

IMG_4793I’ve pioneered a number of award-winning firsts in my 22 years in the hemp industry, from business models to products to advocacy groups. Total of 36 years in business, Inc. 500 winner, seen by millions on TV talking about hemp foods, first-mover by years on what is today 93% of Canadian hemp, #1 hempster on Google (6,520 hits). Nobacco (artisanal CBD hemp buds), raw Whole Plant Powders, and CannaSearch are among my latest innovations. References available. Click here to email me.

Richard Rose Professional History

Richard Rose was “The Hemp Nut” of HempNut Inc., specializing in developing and marketing hempseed foods, and the founder of Rella Good Cheese Company, a soyfoods firm. He also started Omega Nova, The Hemp Corporation, Sharon’s Finest, and Brightsong Foods.

2318HempNut Inc. was the leading hempseed foods company in North America from 1994 – 2002. Richard was the first to introduce shelled hempseed to North America, and provided the inspiration for today’s hempseed food companies. He designed a new company around the vision of shelled hempseed as a replacement for soy in the food industry. That company became the prototype business model for the hempseed industry, and proved the concept. Hemp is high in Omega-3, not THC.

He has been making foods commercially since 1979. In the 1980s Richard invented over 60 products based on tofu, and was the only small or natural food company to be the “Top Ten Innovators of 1985” by Food and Beverage Marketing magazine. In 1981 he opened one of the first vegan restaurants. In 1986 the company’s first product, TofuRella, was introduced, sales of which landed the firm on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 1993. He assisted in establishing Standards of Identity for the soyfoods industry.

574Since 1994 his personal mission has been to popularize the use of hempseed for food, starting with HempRella and Hempeh Burger. In 1996 Richard started HempNut, Inc. to market new hempseed foods.

At the time, no one had imported non-sterilized, shelled hempseed like HempNut. The risk was possible that if DEA wanted to crack down on this new industry, he would have been sentenced to multiple life terms based on the volume imported.

Richard and Roseanne and 3 million of their closest friends, on CBS-TV: 

Richard is directly responsible for the use of hempseed in over 35 hemp industry meals, including Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam, NAIHC dinners and HIA events. He spoke on hempseed foods many times at industry conferences, inspiring today’s companies.

263A large hempseed breeding project was funded by Richard. He turned-on to hemp foods Woody Harrelson, Anita Roddick, Ralph Nader, and James Woolsey. He was co-sponsor of the 1995 Navajo Nation Hemp Project, and had the first and largest online store for hempseed foods. He co-authored two HempNut cookbooks, with much new historical material and nutritional information on hempseed, and 200 recipes.

AHA_LOGO_300Richard is founder and Executive Director of the Hemp Food Association and the Medicinal Hemp Association, Director of the American Hemp Association, Shareholder, Director, Sponsor and Treasurer of the Hemp Industries Association, founder and Chairman of the Food and Oil Committee of the Hemp Industries Association, founder and Manager of the True Hemp Fabric Certification Program for the Hemp Industries Association, and a member of the International Hemp Association, North American Industrial Hemp Council, Social Venture Network, Provender Alliance, and Institute of Food Technologists.

4022Richard earned a BA in Marketing from Sonoma State University while working full-time, and completed all coursework for an MBA with concentration in Marketing and International Business. He was a Distinguished Alumni in 2000 at SSU.

By 2002 when the US market for hempseed foods collapsed due to an ill-advised suit against DEA by HIA, Richard had invested $2.5 million to make hempseed foods a new industry, so he “retired” to Amsterdam.

Richard’s interest in hemp is now for food and medicine, especially CBD (Cannabidiol), a Cannabinoid which helps many conditions, including seizures, inflammation, and stroke. Click here to email Richard.

Hempy Award1997 Hemp Times “Bioneer Award” for Outstanding Achievement in Food
1997 Hemp World “Hempy Award” for Food
1998 Hemp World “Hempy Award” for Product Innovation for HempNut shelled hempseed, awarded by the members of Hemp Industries Association.

Commercial Hempseed Foods Developed and Marketed By Richard Rose
1994 Hemp Hummus
HempNut Cheese, Europe1994 HempRella cheese alternative in the US and Canada
1994 Hempeh Burgers
1996 HempNut shelled hempseed
1996 HempNut cheese alternative in the US, Canada and UK
1997 HempNut hempseed oil
1997 HempNut cookies
1997 Cannessence essential oil
HempRella1997 HempNut organic blue corn chips
1997 HempNut nut butter
1997 HempNut flour
1997 HempNut chocolate (Bite Me Bar)
1997 HempNut protein powder
1997 HempNut lip balm
1997 HempNut energy bar
1999 HempNut Hempscream
2000 The HempNut Health and Cookbook
2002 The HempNut Cookbook

Commercial Soyfoods Developed and Marketed By Richard Rose
Date Names (description; flavors)
Brightsong Tofu7/80 Marinated Tofu (tofu in a marinade)
7/80 Vege-Herb Tofu (tofu with fresh vegetables and herbs pressed into the curd)
8/80 Soy Juice (soymilk; Maple, Honey-Vanilla, Carob, Plain)
1/81 Tofu Creamie (pudding; Strawberry, Almond, Carob)
2/81 Tofu Salad Dressing (fresh; Thousand Island, Green Goddess, Herb)
2/81 Tofunofish Salad (vegetarian tuna salad)
2/81 Tofu Mayo (fresh eggless mayonnaise)
3/81 Tofu Cream Pie (Strawberry, Carob)
6/81 Tofu Pudding (Olallieberry, Lemon)
Land of Rella7/81 Soysage (meat analog, okara-based)
7/81 Cal-gari Tofu (regular tofu made with a blend of cacium sulfate and nigari)
8/81 Cococarob Tofu Tart (baked tart with a crust)
11/81 Pumpkin Pie (tofu-based, baked with a crust)
12/81 Soy Nog (soymilk-based imitation egg nog)
2/82 Cottage Tofu Salad
2/82 Missing-Egg Tofu Salad
2/82 Tofummus (middle eastern-style hummous with tofu)
9/82 Hummous (garbanzo spread)
10/82 Lite & Creamy (tofu-based, with liqueur; Amaretto-Almond, Grand Marnier Chocolate)
TofuRella Slices10/82 Cottage Salad (Diet Center formulation)
10/82 Missing-Egg Salad (Diet Center formulation)
11/82 Strawberry Diet DeLite (with saccharin sweetener)
12/82 Tofu Pumpkin Puddin’ (fresh pudding)
12/82 Cottage Salad (tofu salad)
12/82 Skinny Dip (high protein tofu dip, with Vitamin B-12)
5/83 Orange Sunshine (high protein soymilk beverage)
1/84 Lite Mousse (fresh tofu pudding; Chocolate)
7/84 Le Tofu (non-dairy frozen dessert in hard-pack and soft serve)
7/84 Mix Plus+ (liquid mix to make tofu frozen dessert in an ice cream shop)
5/85 Tofu Plus+ (powdered and liquid tofu for industrial use)
5/85 Concentrate Plus+ (powdered blend of tofu, solids and stabilizer for manufacture of frozen dessert)
11/85 Tofu Nog (imitation egg nog)
4/86 Dry Mix Plus+ (powdered instant version of Mix Plus+)
5/86 Fruit D’Lite (fruit-sweetened sorbet)
6/86 Soy-O (cultured soymilk yogurt)
Inc 500 in 19937/86 TofuRella (cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Jalapeño Jack, Garlic-Herb)
9/86 Le Yogurt (powdered instant frozen yogurt)
9/86 powdered instant soymilk beverage (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
9/86 Dry Le Tofu (powdered instant non-dairy soft-serve mix)
7/87 Free (dairy-free cheese analog)
7/87 meat analogs
10/91 TofuRella Slices (Cheddar, Mozzarella)
2/92 Heart’s D’Lite (fat-free tofu-based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Jalapeño Jack, Garlic-Herb)
2/93 AlmondRella (almond-based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Garlic-Herb)
4/93 Zero-FatRella (fat-free tofu-based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Jalapeño Jack)
9/93 Better Than Meat (meat analog free of fat, soy and wheat; Burger, Taco, Pizza and Breakfast Sausage)
4/94 VeganRella (100% dairy-free cheese alternative; Mexican, Italian)
7/94 VeganRella (100% dairy-free cream cheese alternative; Plain, Onion&Dill)

Source: The Soyfoods Center


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