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This is the CannaSearch of CBD and Terpene products for sale on the web. Since they are from Hemp, they are legal in the US

We do not endorse any of these products, this is merely for educational purposes only. You must do your own research into which product you want, and which dosage you want. We are NOT doctors and we CANNOT recommend a certain product or dosage to use.

Recommended dosages for treatment range from 3 mg daily for seizure control in small dogs, to 1,500 mg daily for aggressively treating cancer. CBD is well-tolerated at high doses (600 mg was studied). For prevention of diseases using CBD, a daily dose of 50 mg is suggested. One patient reported that taking CBD made him feel like he got a massage, with a relaxed body and no high.

The forms of CBD product administration include oral, smoked or vaporized, rectal or vaginal, and topical; the form of CBD product can be oil, tincture, edible (food), pill, suppository, flower for smoking or vaping, and concentrate for smoking or vaping. You can also “compound” Cannabinoids, that is, mix them to the ratio and quantity you want, from different forms or sources.

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Here are links to certain companies selling product (no endorsement implied):

MediQi Energetics

Elite Cannabis

Mary’s Medicinals


Whole Hemp Company

Bluegrass Natural Remedies

Heartland Hemp Company

Restorative Botanicals

Hemp CBD News


Keystone Canna Products

CV Sciences

Grow Hemp Colorado


Wellness Extracts

Bluebird Botanicals

Moonrise Extracts

Toledo Hemp Center

Ambrosia Botanicals

UKCBD Ltd (England)

Medropharm (Switzerland)

Bio Can (Switzerland)

The Hemp Dispensary (Netherlands)

Sensi (Netherlands)

Here are sales pages on Facebook:

CBD Today

CBD Trade Marketplace

Colorado CBD Oil

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